Articles/Brochures/Press Releases

Article writing is a job for professional content writers who:

–Brainstorm. Great articles begin with great ideas, and great ideas begin with brainstorming. Let your mind wonder, without restraint, and jot down interesting ideas for an article. Even if they do not seem appropriate at the time, make note of them anyway.

–Research. Choose the top two ideas and research the topics thoroughly to learn if there is enough detailed and compelling content. Research educates the writer to new, interesting information or a new slant on an old topic. And make certain to check the facts. Check the facts ma’am, all the facts.

Know your audience. Is the article for professionals familiar with the materials or readers who want to learn about the content? Having a receptive audience is a big plus. Huge.












Remember the 4 “Ws.” Who will be reading the article? Why would they be interested? What will you say? Where is the information? And when or will, or did the content happen?

–Outline. Before writing, make an outline of points to cover. Think of a compelling headline then move to the introduction, the body of the article, then a conclusion. Essentially, tell them what you will tell the, tell them, then tell them what you have told them. In the introduction, prepare the reader for what they will learn. In the body of the article, detail information that follows the introduction. And in the conclusion, wraps up or summarize the article with any conclusions.

–Correct. Throughout the article writing process, check spelling, grammar errors, tense, sentence structure or syntax, and punctuation.

Articles today are written for a blog, a press release, a marketing correspondence or social media. Mobile users scan fast and are unforgiving. Extraneous words and phrases are annoying. Lightening-fast scanning calls for less words and less filler. Be quick or get the “click.”