Travel Photography

Photographers at Creative Management Services capture a world of wonder, around the corner and around the world in their travel photography. From breathtaking vistas, charming villas, surging oceans and quiet estuaries, to smiling faces, cute puppies and little, shy children, travel photography tells the tale with a you-are-there effect.   You only have to take a road trip to the county next door to find the drama and the wonder essential in all travel photography. Drama in travel photography happens in scale. Mountains, cliffs, natural formations set off with foreground flowers, a fence, people, or a tree. Good travel photographers from Creative Management Services arrive on location at the crack of dawn or the downing of the sun at dust. During the “magic hours,” the colors are rich in a palette often obliterated during the day. In the hour before dawn or just after sunset—the blue hours—the light is soft and broad and often reflected off the ultraviolet haze and atmosphere for a dream-like quality.

empire_State.jpgground-zero.jpgdogatwindow.jpgAntibe.jpgInn at Little Washington18.jpgRjukan.jpgskullonwall.jpgAntibemoto.jpgNicerain.jpgOuterbanks-copy-copy.jpgPlaya_maya.jpgc53-Grapes-over-door.jpgDSCN1801.jpgDSCN7577night-copy.jpgErvy-geneve-145.jpgD1000016---Copy.jpgd1010050b.jpgclouds-008.jpgclouds-as-snow.jpgDSCN1784-(2).jpg

In the 2005 movie version of Pride & Prejudice directed by Joe Wright, the opening landscapes of hills and trees before sun up are gorgeously draped in an ultraviolet, surreal fog. Sometimes, the blue hours offer a slight directional light producing form and depth and deliver a watercolor effect. Just before dawn and dusk, the “alpenglow” or longer red light replaces the shorter, scattered blue light for breathtaking results. It is the red light reflecting in the atmosphere that produces the desirable warm glow clients ask of travel photographers. Austere canyons, beaches with aquamarine water, deserts, rain forests, waterfalls, under water sequences are favorite reasons to hire travel photographers as they reveal a world of serenity and endless exploration. The geographical formations tell the story of change a beauty over millions of years and clients often choose to include the story of the men and women who made the hills, tunnels, cliffs, canyons and caves their home. Travel photographers at Creative Management Services are requested to photograph various people around the world in their native surroundings. Families, communities and single persons who represent a group are arranged for greatest impact to tell the story to the camera. Men and women and their children and extended families give life to the landscapes and their living conditions. Travel photographers from Creative Management Services cover the entire United States and North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.