Portrait Photography

Photographers of portrait photography at Creative Management Services have a bag of photographic tricks with something right for each subject. First and foremost is the lens. A safe lens for portraits is a telephoto lens. One that slightly compresses and foreshortens facial features. Strong elements like a predominant nose are softened for a more flattering look. Broad, flat lightening further softens facial features while focusing on the eyes and mouth. A telephoto lens easily puts the background out of focus.

realestatesmall.jpgmanwithglasses.jpgDeborah_Goodings.jpglena-251-good.jpgSophiesmall.jpgbetty-144.jpg15 Niki blue head.jpgc14-Maria-238.jpgcorporate-portrait.jpgb-day.jpgAntonBlomsmall.jpgWendyanddaughter.jpgGabvole-print.jpgSophie-Coat.jpgalana-tan.jpg2 Engagement.jpgchristina copy.jpgFlowerPot.jpgc42-chuck.jpg5 Irene head 3 flowers.jpg

A slightly wide-angle lens adds more of the background and realizes interesting, more dramatic images. Broad lighting still works, but if facial features are not a problem, we use a variety of lighting setups from the butterfly shadow (a slight shadow under the nose resembling a butterfly), to hatchet lighting (a side light placing half of the face in deep shadow), to every lighting design in between.

Some photographers of portrait photography place the subject center stage most of the time, equidistant top to bottom and left to right. Dominant personalities sometimes demand this “no compromise” position. But throwing the subject left or right is more interesting. Move your camera off-angle to produce energy and movement and interest. Try different angles to find the one perfect for each subject.

Photographers of portrait photography at Creative Management Services accept the challenge of corporate portraits. With little or no time, a photographer must grasp the personality and passion of each person. And use perfect lighting to help reveal inner qualities. But these inner qualities often are revealed only when the subject is relaxed and comfortable. But most of our clients are not naturally relaxed in front of the camera. Experienced photographers at Creative Management Services work with subjects so uncomfortable, they might prefer a root canal to a portrait! How wonderfully rewarding to see a subject transform from nervous, awkward even disagreeable to cheerful, engaging and willing. That’s what our photographers do.