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Like sweltering summer in the city, smart, cleverly-conceived branding | logo design | slogans/tag lines sizzle. Tag lines are short, pithy phrases with long, powerful punches. Phrases that fire up your brand. Phrases that anchor your logo and trigger instant recall. And stick with you. At Creative Management Services we study the competition, distill your company message, and spit-polish your corporate image. Now we are ready for the one-two play on words, a fiery phrase hot enough to cook an egg!













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–To Brand or Not to Brand. Shakespeare—the consummate salesman—might agree. Companies, like his Globe Theatre, that wish to attract larger clients and more customers need branding. And a well-written slogan helps anchor your brand and logo. A small, neighborhood deli may not need nor want a serious logo and slogan, but larger corporate entities, like the Globe, do. Big time. Here are a few slogans we wrote on spec. HunterDouglas window treatments, “Made in the Shade.” Vlasic Pickles, “Pucker Up.” Revere Ware® copper-clad cookware, “Our Pots Have Good Bottoms.” “Endust for Good.” Chanel #5, “Come to Your Senses.” RKO Films, “You Get the Picture.”

–Microscrope the Client. Understanding the client is critical in developing a sensational slogan. How did your company begin? How do you perceive yourselves? What corporate logos do you like? After the graphic designer develops or updates your logo, the copywriter builds on that logo with a slogan that says, “Remember Me.”

–Telescope the Competition. As part of the research for your slogan, the copywriter needs information about the competition. What is their market share? How does their branding stack up? What are their prospects for the future? How does their advertising and marketing outreach compare? Only after learning their corporate profiles do we know where to place you. Now it’s time for the copywriter to move in and write a slogan that clobbers the competition.

–Talent Trumps. When writing a slogan, talent trumps. But even creative superstars need triggers to get the juices flowing and the imagination rolling. First study companies with dy-no-mite logos and tag lines. And figure out what you like about their branding. Then let your fingers do the walking through the Thesaurus, the Synonym Finder, The Dictionary of American Slang, and the Dictionary of American Idioms for inspiration. Use simple words and as few as possible like Nike, “Just Do It,” or Ajax, “Stronger Than Dirt. Add some humor whenever possible like Taco Bell, “Think Outside the Bun,” or Volkswagen, “Think Small.”

So let’s have fun stoking the creative coals and igniting the creative flames. Call Anne Schwab to deliver that one-two with a smokin’ slogan, hot and sticky. The world is waiting, “A good slogan is a terrible thing to waste.”