A Poem for Spring

Earth’s Supple Monuments

by Anne Schwab

tulipThe burnt snow drooled

down its dusty bib

that drank the white below

to less and less

while more and more

the earth’s rough skin

to show.

The sobbing soil

pressed close to seeds

then sent them shooting straight


through bumps of ground

that perked and heaved

’til pierced

by earth’s supple monuments.

The melt lay proud

some mingling mosses

fresh popped from steaming ice

then watered bare

the bark and branches

spent froze toward Heaven’s eyes.

Oh, there so small

the fetal leaves

that hope to grow to term

and shade the lovely violets,

buttercups, snaps and ferns.

I dream in new springing days

that daffodils be sent.

Where are you now

in my coldest hour

Earth’s Supple Monuments?

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Peace and love to all our brethren in Brussels.

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“Open Me, Open Me” Subject Line Tips

The best email subject lines—concise and descriptive—entice the reader to open an email. According to Convince & Convert, 69 percent of email recipients say they open emails based on the subject line alone. That’s huge. So your subject line—or teaser text—must arouse reader curiosity and make it almost impossible to resist clicking “open.”

The most carefully-crafted body copy remains useless unless the email’s opened. It’s sorta like trying to read Gone with the Wind through the book cover. Maybe if you’re Superman. Check out the following six points on writing a compelling subject line that demands an open.

Table photography by Liliane Blom
Short and sweet. Recipients tend to scan a subject line and decide instantaneously whether to open or ignore your email. Not many will dig through a long subject line, so try to limit your teaser text to 55 characters or less. Since half of all emails are viewed on cell phones, open rates increase with a subject line of no more than three to seven words.
Alert the press. According to MailChimp, subject lines framed as a question perform well. Words like “sale” and “new” boost email opens, while the word “newsletter” decreases open rates by 18.7 percent. According to Adestra, there’s a whopping 61.8 percent increase in opens using the word “alert.” Who knew.
Just the facts ma’am. The subject line includes an important introduction to the content, and should strictly avoid the hype of possibly spammy promotional phrases, words in all caps, and crazy exclamation marks !!!!!!! 

Personalize. Individualizing your emails with a recipient’s name improves open rates. And creating a chatty tone helps assure a personal, casual effect. Note: How does your subject line make a reader feel? Do they experience that all-important emotional connection?

Case in point. A few successful subject lines from previous CMS newsletters:

  • The Positives of Negative Criticism;
  • Principles of Painless Mingling;
  • It’s a Stretch: Does Exercise Improve Memory?
  • Elevator Pitch: Going Up;
  • Stop Juggling: Multi-Tasking’s for Circus Performers;
  • Saw Wood: Is Sleep Critical for Brain Growth?
  • Unlock Your Inner Writer;
  • A Makeup Artist: Don’t Leave for a Shoot without One;
  • The Dog Ate My Homework.
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Happy New Year to all the friends and clients of CMS

new year's eveb 2016

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree 2015

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Wishing You Peace in an Uncertain World.


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Remember Those Who Love You

eiffle tower

During these troubled times in Paris and around the world, take time to remember friends,

those who love you and who want you safe.

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Why You Need to Schedule an Office Clean Out Now

This Fall, Clean Out Your Office and Clean Out Your Life!

file cabinet


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Fun article on Daylight Savings Time

clock DST 1 am


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15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Lovely article on improving your happiness gauge.


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